Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Refunds sought in the raffle of downtown loft

Attorney general says organization breached state laws. Read more

How to make a loft livable

Any open plan requires creative ways to deliver privacy and visual transitions without walls. Read more....

Company backs out of loft deal

A planned 10-unit loft development at the Hilliard Lyons building, which represented 40 percent of the city's Downtown grant program, will not happen. Read more...

Carving up loft will reduce living space

High ceilings, large windows add volume. Keep kitchen open but invest in upgrades. Read more...

The room planners: how to transform a loft into practical space

Paula and Phil Robinson, an interior design team, offer space-saving solutions, architectural advice and style tips. This week: how to transform a loft into practical space. Read More

Furniture business lures couple out of retirement

ALGOMA TOWNSHIP -- They thought they were done working. Knock on wood.

Instead, two pioneers of Amish furniture sales are back in business on M-57.

"Hayseed" Bob and "Grandma" Betty Truesdale have taken over The Hay Loft two years after selling it. Read More

Loft Development Falls Through

There's no future for the loft development planned for the Hilliard Lyons building in downtown Evansville.

An attorney for the developer, CEEM LLC of Evansville, says his client backed out because of economic concerns.

The 10 unit project accounted for 40 percent of the city's downtown grant program. Read more...

You Call This a Loft?

They started out as bohemian art spaces in low-rent places. Now they're crafty conversions and bold new construction—and they aren't cheap anymore. Read More...