Wednesday, May 17, 2006 Update

Hello fellow loft people! Based upon reccomendations from clients (yes we listen to our clients), we have decided to overhaul the user interface of modern furniture retail site, The site is cleaner and has less cluttered. When you have a moment, please checkout the redesign at

One of slickest bassinet's that caught my eye...

Ooba’s Nest Bassinet was born from the desire to have a bedside sleeping option for babies. This room-sharing solution brings peace of mind to parents, so they can rest soundly knowing their baby is safe and comfortable next to them.

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Downtown St. Louis on upswing

hen Brad Fratello and his partner moved into their downtown loft, the vista from their picture windows featured abandoned, graffiti-scarred buildings.

Now, the sound of jackhammers rings out like a serenade as long-empty spaces are reborn as posh lofts and new neighbors walk streets that only recently were desolate after nightfall.

Each day brings signs of progress, said Fratello, a professor of art history who moved downtown three years ago.

"New windows were put in. Somebody scraped the paint off this old sill. Just little things that mean they're getting cared for again," he said. "It's definitely a palpable, real feeling of a neighborhood springing up around you."

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Buyers snapping up lofts - NY

Some people quietly wondered if upscale loft condominiums would sell in Lansingburgh.
For the Powers Park Lofts, the jury is in.
"The big news there is we only have six units left to sell," said developer and Troy native Deane Pfeil. "The most expensive ones are going first."
The historic four-story building at 387 Third Ave. between 109th and 110th streets is known as the former Ready Jell Products building. Around the seven-story brick tower are 18 loft condos, approximately 1,300 to 2,100 square-feet, that sell for $161,500 to $292,000.

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About 4,000 people interested in Stadium Lofts - ANAHEIM, CA

Stadium Lofts at the corner of State College Boulevard and Katella Avenue are generating a lot of interest.

About 4,000 people are on the interest list – 10 people for every condo. About 2,500 of those came in the weeks after the 390-unit complex converted from apartments to condos.
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