Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fashion world embraces simpler styles, larger sizes - for its books

The fashion world loves petite things, skinny things, colourful things - except when it comes to its books.

Among the season's fashion-themed, coffee-table, gift-worthy books the trends are plus-sized and black-white.

The mammoth Louis Vuitton (Abrams) by Paul-Gerard Pasols features a monogrammed leather handle on the cover, inviting readers to pull open the lid on the luxury brand's 151-year history.

The first image is a portrait of Louis Vuitton himself, a Frenchman born in a mountainous region in 1821, a man with a yearning for adventure that he eventually found in Paris. Many pages are devoted to explaining what life was like in France in the mid-19th century so readers will understand how special Vuitton's life story really is.

A more modern master of his craft is Manolo Blahnik. His shoes are status symbols. They're sex symbols. They're on the feet of every celebrity and socialite worth noting.
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