Tuesday, December 27, 2005

How to make a small space feel bigger....?

Brandon and Cory have just moved into a newly built two-story loft in the heart of the city. While the couple shares an artistic sensibility _ Brandon is a photographer and Cory is a makeup artist _ their loft did not reflect their creativity. The ground floor of the space was bland, underutilized and a real mishmash of furniture and styles.

When they purchased the place, they thought their hip digs would be big enough to both live and work in, but now they are worried they might have chosen too small a space for their multitasking needs.

I knew that with some proper design and reorganization I could make the space work, but I had two big challenges before me. The first was to maximize the smallish, horizontal room and turn it into a functional loft for living, working and entertaining clients. The second was to produce a harmonious balance of contemporary and casual. While they are Eastern city slickers now, Brandon and Cory are originally from the west coast and wanted their space to incorporate a cool, laid-back feeling.

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